The Haiti H2O Composting Toilet Project is a proactive program that improves sanitation and replenishes the soil in rural Haiti.

There is no electricity, running water or public sewage system.  As you can imagine this leads to major health problems. A composting toilet provides a safe and secure structure to dispose of human waste, while also converting that waste to compost to replenish the soil.


History of Project:

Community Education/Volunteers recruited (2010-2011)

The community leaders hosted several community meetings where the idea of composting toilets was proposed.  Then people were asked to donate land and commit to the upkeep of the community toilets.

Building first four test toilets

The first test toilet was built in Bassin Caiman and has been used for a full cycle to determine its effectiveness. Three additional toilets are being completed and the compost from the initial toilet will be used in a demonstration garden.


We continue to raise funds to build toilets in all the communities we serve.  To help in this endeavor please consider making a donation.


A team of local masons has built the initial test composting toilet and this team has begun work on the 3 remaining test sights. As the program expands we anticipate hiring more masons for the project.

Toilet Committee: is a group from the community; they will facilitate training and planning for the toilet project (volunteer position).

Toilet Manager: as the program expands we anticipate hiring a Haitian to oversee the program.