Have we MET? 

Haiti H2O values partnerships that affirm dignity.  We see long-term relationships and strong communities as the keys to lasting change.

Being part of a Mission Exchange Team (MET) builds a bridge of respect between separate communities.  The time together allows partners to deepen their relationships, face-to-face.  Haitian and American teams visit one of our 4 partner communities for 7-10 days.  During this visit, the team resides in the community, shares in preparation and clean up of meals, as well as works alongside, visits and worships with the host community.  We take time to slow down and listen, learn from each other, and love one another.

The goal is much broader than a typical Short-Term Mission trip.  It is more than just another stamp in our passport or an opportunity to get “perspective” and be grateful for our many blessings. More deeply, Haiti H2O hopes that a Mission Exchange Team’s investment of time communing together, breaking bread together, and working together can build a bridge of mutual respect that allows both communities to care for each other and partner together to alleviate poverty.

Join Haiti H2O as we partner with rural communities in Haiti and walk alongside their leaders in the difficult work of alleviating poverty.