Community Updates

By Jeff VanderMolen

Jeanne sits with Pastor Voltaire in Meloniere

Although we know the Coronavirus is present in Haiti—the official count is 2,507 and rising daily—there is absolutely no consensus that these are accurate numbers. Haiti does not have the infrastructure to test, track, or treat the disease throughout the country.

Thankfully, the pastors of the four communities we serve report no known cases of the virus. We recently received video updates via Jules and Jeanne, who visited everyone last month.

Watching these videos, I felt as if I was receiving a modern day letter from an apostle. Because of the political unrest in Haiti, we have now been separated from one another for more than two years.

The pastors started their video greetings by expressing their concern for us in the States, as they have heard that the virus is really bad here. They emphasized the connection we have through prayer and their desire to “transform this area and make it an example for Christ,” as Pastor Celande put it.

The ministry of Haiti H2O and our four partner communities continues and we are grateful to report that, not only were Jules and Jeanne able to drop off soap and buckets with a spigot attachment to aid in hand-washing, they also delivered the Hope Funds to begin this new program of ministry.

Each of our partner communities received soap and buckets with spigots to aid in hand-washing initiatives.

Each community has a budget to further the ministry of its church. This is to empower the churches to care for the people in each community in ways that larger programs may not reach. Love and outreach have always been the strengths of these churches, and this added capacity will enable them to fulfill needs.

Baissin Caiman | The church in Baissin Caiman hosted a conference the first week of March with 15 participating churches. Services were held every night and they are excited that 12 new members have been baptized into the congregation.

St. Martin | Deacon Julsonne and Anel thanked us for all your support and love. The Many Hands Home Building Program is such a help and so many people continue to benefit from The Goat Project.

Plain Matin | Pastor Pharyl is looking forward to the time when teams can return. In the meantime, the ministry of the church is discipling the youth in the area through the music program. They continue to emphasize to the community the importance of washing hands to prevent the spread of Covid 19.

Melionere | Pastor Voltaire is jubilant over the completion of the foundation for the new school. It is so important for this area, “and since I can never repay you for what you have done, I pray to God to bless each hand that has taken part in this ministry”.

Thank you for your support of this mission and these particular communities. Please join me in continuing to pray for our Haitian brothers and sisters during this globally challenging time.