Acts + Work

The needs in Haiti can be overwhelming, but Haiti H2O has over 10 years of experience partnering with local community leaders to transform hope into opportunity in four rural villages. Our mission philosophy affirms the dignity of our partners by listening to and following the local church leaders’ priorities and insights. These partnerships have produced three church buildings, two schools, four composting toilets, a bread oven business, multiple short-term medical clinics and an ongoing livestock exchange program. 

Our four partner communities are located in the southwestern part of the island of Haiti: Bassin Caiman, St. Martin, Plain Matin, and Meloniere. Although each community is distinct, they do share a few characteristics: remote access with no electricity, no running water and limited sanitation facilities. Local church leaders work with our staff to consider their community’s assets and needs and plan for the best use of resources to minister to their neighbors. 

We invite you to partner with us through acts of mercy to walk alongside the materially poor in Haiti and become part of someone’s story. Your partnership empowers them to pursue opportunities that bring hope to their communities.