A Message from Haiti

Our friends in Haiti are showing how selflessly they love even in the midst of the novel coronavirus hitting their country. We have received calls from our Haitian staff, along with others reaching out to us. The message is always the same: they are concerned for us in the U.S. and they are making sure that we are okay and letting us know that they are praying for us. Lenord, known by all as the “basket man”, recently sent us a recording (translated by another close friend of Haiti H2O, Watlin). You can listen to the recording below.

We are very thankful for the technology that helps us to stay connected to our partners. We value the relationships that have grown over the past two decades and it is always nice to know that our partner communities care for us as much as we care for them. We are in this together.

We hope you enjoy this point of connection with our friends in Haiti as much as we do. And we encourage you to join us as we pray for Haiti as they begin their battle against this virus.