Haiti H2O- 2010 Project Highlights

  • Emergency relief monies were distributed in the wake of the devastating earthquake on January 12.
  • A post-earthquake team met with partners in Haiti and developed a restoration plan and addressed immediate needs
  • A clean water team looked into new building techniques and developed a sanitation plan.
  • A team from Eastminster Presbyterian Church built new school classrooms in St. Martain to accommodate 50 new students who emigrated due to the earthquake.
  • A team from Lima Baptist Church built a composting toilet in the community of Bassin Caiman.
  • David Bigbee, our Haiti H2O intern, launched the Goat Project to create a sustainable income program.

Plans are underway for three teams to visit Haiti in the spring of 2011, and we will begin work in the community of Plain Matin. We are also developing several small business opportunities and will continue our work on clean water and sanitation.

Thank you again for partnering in our work.  Please consider giving a year-end gift to help us continue to provide hope and opportunities for the Haitian people.

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