David Bigbee:Haiti H2O intern

My name is David Bigbee and I am currently the intern at Haiti H2O: Hope to Opportunity. I go to Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church and graduated from Fox Chapel Area High School this past June. I first got involved with Haiti H2O when I went on a trip to Haiti led by Haiti H2O with FCPC in July of 2009.
I have felt called to missions for a long time, and had been intrigued by the possibility of committing a year between high school and college to service or mission. I have been taught from an early age that God has given gifts to us that we might use those gifts for the good of the world and the good of His kingdom. We not only have skills, money, and time, but also love and fellowship we can share with those we encounter. I have always felt that this was the most fulfilling way to live.
I was very active during high school in the youth program at FCPC, going on retreats, mission trips, and serving as a leader for middle schoolers for three years. I was hoping to find a way to continue serving God and others, and at the same time gain experience for what I may do later in life. Influenced particularly by the news of the tragic January earthquake and wanting to strengthen bonds with friends I had made in Haiti on my previous trip, I approached Haiti H2O about a possible internship.
I am very excited for and honored by the opportunity to serve the beautiful people of Haiti while exploring what I may want to do with my life years down the road. I know that I will learn a lot about how a non-profit operates, about how to make mission work meaningful and influential, and more about God and myself. I look forward to creating partnerships and friendships with those I work with, both here and in Haiti, that will last for years to come.

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