Sarah VanderMolen: Director
Sarah first traveled to Haiti in 1992 on a medical mission.  The trip forever changed her perspective on life in many ways.  Fast forward to today: she now serves as Director of Haiti H2O, where she seeks to cultivate Hope to Opportunity.

Jeff VanderMolen: Trip and Project Coordinator
Jeff works with all of our US groups as leads them on trips to Haiti. He also oversees the Goat & Toilet Projects.

Maureen Hinchman: Office Manager


Pastor Celande Foglas, Partner, Bassin Caiman
Pastor Foglas has an amazing passion for the community of Bassin Caiman. He continues to think and preach in a way that empowers everyone around him.

Lenard Francois, Partner, Logistics
Leonard is the self proclaimed “Basket Man” of Haiti. He helps all of our teams run smoothly. He is always looking out for the underdog. You can hear him on his weekly radio show, Sundays 2-3pm, here:

Jules Fresnel, Partner Team & Construction Manager

Jules has a passion for making things better. He is our in-country construction coordinator and makes sure all the details are handled for trips. He lives just outside Port au Prince with his wife, Judith. He also runs the Matthew Six Guest House and a construction business in Haiti.

Pastor Pharyl, Partner, Plain Matin
Pastor Pharyl is a Lutheran pastor and a carpenter. He has been dedicated to growing the school in the community.

Pastor Paul Touloute, Partner, Cayes
Pastor Touloute is a fountain of energy and passion. He has dropped everything many times to help the cause of Haiti H2O. He is always ready to keep us centered on what matters.

Pastor Brennord Voltaire, Partner, Chantel
After serving in St. Martain for 12 years, Pastor Voltaire has begun serving in a new community northwest of La Cayes.

 Pastor Daniel, Partner, St. Martain