In response to the love of Jesus, Haiti H2O works with rural Haitian communities, cultivating hope and opportunities.

Haiti H20 and Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church have partnered for over a decade, serving the most impoverished country in the Western Hemisphere. Work projects have included building schools, churches, and homes and medical mission trips serving over 1,600 Haitians with medications, wound treatments, surgeries, and education on health and hygiene.

This ten-year collaboration has made a difference in small Haitian villages. Members of FCPC have experienced the transformational power of the Gospel in their hearts and minds as they have worked alongside the Haitian people. Many have said they are blessed beyond words to have gone and served. As a result, Haiti H2O is excited to extend our commitment to a new program in sustainability: The In-Country Mission Trip.

The In-Country Mission Trip adheres to Haiti H2O’s core values:

  • The Gospel has transformative power.
  • Partnerships, friendships, and communities are keys to lasting change.
  • We are committed to programs that are sustainable.

Haiti H2O’s relational approach to ministry has always tried to correct the “top down” aid approach which enforces a dependency model. The In-Country Mission Trip builds on relationships already established between churches in the U.S. and communities in Haiti, and it empowers a Haitian congregation to go and serve in another Haitian village.

FCPC will recruit a team in Pittsburgh to provide both spiritual and financial support for a Haitian team to go on a mission trip in their own country.

American team members will be paired with their Haitian counterparts, supporting them with fundraising, prayer, a parallel work trip, and sharing experiences via electronic media. Much like The Dove Tree at Christmas or World Vision, these groups or individuals will be responsible for ensuring the financial and spiritual well-being of their Haitian team members. FCPC will recruit a team of up to 15 people.

The FCPC team will meet together several times to build team unity, study sustainable missions, correspond with the Haitian team, and fundraise. The program will culminate with a local work project with the House of Mana in Homewood.

In 2017, FCPC will travel to Haiti for a medical mission trip. Those team members from the stateside in-country mission will have first priority in going the following year to Haiti. FCPC will rotate an alternating schedule between supporting an In-Country Mission and a traditional mission trip.

This alternating schedule has several benefits:

  • Relationships are nurtured in both experiences.
  • Work continues each year.
  • The Gospel is preached in word and deed.
  • Resources are spent more responsibly, working toward long-term sustainability.
  • This model allows us to embrace more members of FCPC who may want to be a part of this exciting work but do not want to travel abroad.

We are excited about this new chapter in our relationship with Haiti H2O, and we hope you will consider joining us in our ongoing relationship with the Haitian people.