Team Members – George Atkins, Darrell Martin, Mai Lynn Martin,Devin Martin, Megan Martin, Kiera Holbein, Ginny Holbein,Dave Holbein, River Icenhour, Sheri Herstine-lcenhour,Bill Porto, Kate Hurne, Karlyn Wilson, Jennifer Knight,and Jeff VanderMolen (Partner Haiti H20).

This is now the third time Four Mile has sent members to the village of Saint Martin (or as some pronounce it Sain Montain). Saint Martin is roughly 150 miles west of Port Au Prince, and just west of Cayes, right on the southern most point of Haiti. The center of Saint Martin is our Karlyn Wilson partner church. It seeks to address the needs of the community through a primary school, skills training (masonry and sewing classes), and sanitation. The church of Saint Martin asked us to help facilitate a Medical Clinic. On our previous trip we held an impromptu clinic simply because word spread we had health care professionals with us. In two days we treated just over 250 people. We all guessed at how many people we would see this time, since our return was advertized over radio. In just three days we treated 609 patients, and paid to send three to the hospital for surgery! Every team member played a strategic part in the clinic. Here are a few of their stories.

“This trip taught me that no matter how bad the circumstances, worshipping our God takes precedence over anything that is going on around you. And also in busy, hectic situations you sometimes have to take a deep breath and say, I know I am here for Your purpose and to do what You sent me to do. God is Good & his faithful love endures forever!” -Jennifer Knight

My week in St. Martin was amazing. I had the pleasure of meeting people that were resourceful, kind, gracious, friendly, hospitable and filled w/ the love of Jesus Christ. When all the clutter of possessions and busyness of the “modern lifestyle” are missing from one’s daily life, the character that is important to God takes on a beauty of its own. There is so much to learn from the people of St. Martin.– Karlyn Wilson

“Not shying away, but looking into the eyes of those that I served, I saw Gods love looking right back at me. I learned that I was not just serving those in need, but rather serving God’s purpose. 1 Peter 4: 10   Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.”– Darrell Martin

“Although this was my second trip to Haiti, it was a different experience than 2 years ago. Going to Haiti is like stepping back in time to when life was simpler – no phone, no TV, no air conditioning, etc.. I forgot how nice it was to escape our everyday pressures involving work and family. I can’t wait to go back in 2 years and see the many friends I’ve made in Haiti.” – Dave Holbein

“I was humbled that God chose me to be His vessel and privileged to help give that care and be the light showing the love of Christ. Thank you Four Mile for your support and prayers as you have no idea how grateful they were to have us there!” – Ginny Holbein

“I was once again struck by the hospitality and the generosity of theHaitian people. They continually encourage me to love the people around me. Feel free to ask me about the trip!” – Kiera Holbein