Doug and Jeff are heading to Haiti with a small team Monday morning. We have a lot we want to do in four days. First of all we want to visit all of our partners and communities to see how everyone is doing. This winter the news from Haiti has been overwhelming. Cholera continues to threaten the most vulnerable; those people who lack the most basic infrastructure of clean water and proper sanitation.

This past fall, we began the first composting outhouse in Bassin Caiman. We have plans to add more this summer, but I am excited about collaborating with an organization who is working in Port au Prince building similar outhouses in the tent cities. We will visit their site with members from the Bassin caiman community. Composting is a new idea for people in the countryside, we hope that seeing a working system will help reinforce the benefits of this system.

We will also be visiting another mission that installs water purification systems, powered by solar energy  There is tremendous potential for partnering with them to build these systems out in the countryside.

The next few days will be filled with site visitations, project planning, logistical details and many miles in between. But our deep love for our friends make it more like a homecoming. We get to join them in their joy of bringing hope to their community.